Okay, sh*t's getting REAL between Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin ... these two have spent the entire Labor Day holiday weekend together!

The baller and the babe hit the beach in Malibu on Sunday, hanging with friends at Soho House and basically standing around looking awkward. Where's the bikini, Kendall? And why the skinny jeans at the beach (or at all), Blake?

These two clearly have zero game, but perhaps that makes them perfect for each other -- apart from the fact that Blake has two kids with his seemingly ex-girlfriend! The 28-year-old NBA star appears to be enjoying all the attention he's getting in this new, high-profile relationship ... perhaps family life was dragging him down; living in suburbia with a "wifey" and kids was just too boring. Well buckle up, Blake -- life with Kendall is ... well, also boring.

Check out this video -- we asked Blake if he and Kendall are dating and he pulled the old "fake phone call" trick and avoided us. Doesn't that reaction speak for itself?!