Okay, we know you can't see much in this blurry pic, but we PROMISE you, that's Blake Griffin driving his Rolls Royce this morning in the parking lot at Starbucks in Malibu and that's Kendall Jenner in the back seat! WTF?!

It appears the two have hit Malibu for the Labor Day weekend holiday -- the literal "hot" spot where many of Hollywood's A-listers hang out for this three-day weekend. The Malibu Chili Cook-off comes to town -- the annual fair -- and celebs are flocking to the beach to cool off from record-breaking LA heat.

We broke the story earlier this month that the two were hanging out at Avenue nightclub in LA after attending the Kendrick Lamar concert on August 8th. We spotted the two ducking out separately, hiding their faces from the cameras as they left the after-party late that night.

Neither the Clippers forward, 28, nor that young model, 21, having commented on rumors of a relationship -- that may be because Griffin was shacked up with his baby mama Brynn Cameron and their two kids, plus her son from a previous relationship with USC footballer Matt Leinart. The (former?) couple share a home in the tony Pacific Palisades neighborhood just down the street from the likes of Conan O'Brien, Adam Sandler, Matt Damon and Jennifer Garner. But things have been quiet on the homefront -- neither Blake's nor Brynn's cars have been coming in and out and while it was assumed they were on summer vacation together with the kids, it appears now they may actually be separated!

So was Kendall the cause of their breakup? Is she a little homewrecker? Uh ... possibly ...