Scantily clad women in lingerie in China?! Well, that's the supposed venue for Victoria's Secret fashion show set for Monday but things aren't going well ...

Katy Perry, who was set to perform, has now been banned from China indefinitely, along with other VS top models including Gigi Hadid, according to Page Six. You'll never guess why Perry was denied a Visa by the communist nation ...

Back in 2015, Perry wore a sparkly sunflower-print costume for her concert in Taipei and that pissed off the Chinese government because, little did Katy know, the sunflower was a symbol adopted by anti-China protesters in Taiwan the year before. Obvi!

She had originally been granted a visa but Chinese officials, after combing through the singer's social media and other records, decided to rescind it.

As for the models, superstars like Gigi Hadid were found by Chinese government officials to have made offensive posts in the past so they're out, too. After Gigi's sister Bella posted an Instagram video back in February of her older sis holding a Buddha-shaped cookie and squinting her eyes, the Hadid sisters are BANNED! Adriana Lima's visa is also tenuous and other lesser-known models have been denied.

Harry Styles will replace Perry as the performing act of the night.

Question ... why the HELL did Victoria's Secret execs pick China to host their internationally-famous fashion show? Are their thongs made in China? Do they sell lots of Wonderbra's in the communist country? Probably all of the above!