The nesting has begun!

Kylie Jenner had a crib delivered to her Calabasas mansion yesterday, and rather than hassling with the instruction manual like most new parents, she just had her team of employees put it together in the driveway. There has been TONS of speculation that the LipKit queen was actually Kim and Kanye's surrogate, but we can safely shut that down with these pix.

Fans thought it was too coincidental that the Life of Kylie star was spotted at Cedars-Sinai hospital last week, and then Kimye's daughter was born there just two days later. They also think the reason for so much secrecy surrounding her pregnancy is because it wasn't actually her biological child, so she didn't want to take the spotlight away from her older sister.

Adding to the undeniable evidence she has a bun in the oven, a fan spotted her at CVS looking very pregnant but attempting to hide her bun under a hoodie on the same day the newest West addition's birth was announced, so it's pretty safe to say she's expecting her very own child.

Rumors have been swirling Kylie is due in early February, so she doesn't have long to go before she's successfully hidden her whole pregnancy!