Caitlyn Jenner was sporting a pretty nasty lip wound last night as she stepped out for dinner with rumored girlfriend Sophia Hutchins, and we can't exactly figure out what it is. Is it simply a bad cold sore? Is it a love bite from her lady? We don't know if we want to know!

Just one day earlier, the transgender reality star hit the party circuit for the Oscars, and apparently her daughter Kendall didn't want to be seen with her! The supermodel "didn't want to be photographed" with her father on the red carpet, but briefly made conversation with her inside the bash.

In other Kenny news, the cat walker apparently was hospitalized due to a bad reaction to an IV vitamin drip just hours before she glammed up for Hollywood's biggest night. Luckily, she had a quick recovery and wasn't forced to miss out.

Cait might want to see a doctor, too!