How did she score an invite?

Caitlyn Jenner has nothing to do with the movie industry, but that didn't stop her from throwing on a red dress and partying it up with A-listers last night at various post-Oscar bashes. The transgender reality star brought her rumored girlfriend Sophia Hutchins as a date, and these two certainly spend a LOT of time together for people who claim not to be in a relationship.

Cait's daughter Kendall was also making the rounds, but it seems the Olympian isn't very close to her kids these days. The whole Kardashian clan has iced her out ever since she slammed Kris Jenner in her memoir Secrets of my Life, and even her biological kids have put some distance between them.

The I Am Cait star has denied that she's romancing the 21-year-old transgender student and model, but there's clearly something going on. If you look at their Instagrams, they're practically inseparable, and seem to be living together!