Not only did they not break up, but they're heating up!

X17online can exclusively report that Kendall Jenner and Blake Griffin are still in a serious relationship... in fact, they're practically living together!

The supermodel dropped off her car at the basketball player's Pacific Palisades mansion before jetting out of town this week, but sources tell us that her Ferrari and Range Rover are always parked in the driveway, and for at least the past month, her 24/7 security guard has been parked outside the place on guard while the cat walker shacks up with her man!

The NBA star recently got traded to the Detroit Pistons, which led many to believe that that would spell the end of his relationship with the Vogue cover girl, but it's actually done the opposite.

A source tells X17:
    "Kendall doesn't like dating. She doesn't have the time or energy to be going out with a million different guys, but she can also feel smothered pretty easily, which is why her situation with Blake is perfect. When he's away, she gets to do her own thing and take a breather, but she also has someone to give her love and affection when she wants it. He's like a love-sick puppy around her, and she likes feeling so adored. She's telling pals that it's very different from her romances with Harry Styles and A$AP Rocky."

She's so private with her personal life, but she can't hide from us!