We love it!

We caught Leighton Meester at LAX yesterday, and we almost didn't recognize her because of her new platinum blonde 'do! The Gossip Girl has had long brown hair for years, but now she's got a Gwen Stefani vibe, and we're digging the change-up.

So why did she go for such a drastic makeover?

"You know, all along I’ve wanted something just totally and drastically different. My length was super long, my color was completely grown out, and I was just craving exactly the opposite of what I’ve had. I have experimented with different shades of blonde over the years, and I was blonde as a kid, and I just thought to myself, I want to do this!," she recently explained in an interview with Byrdie.

"Plus, this isn’t an attempt to look natural. This is a completely different look. I always just thought I would go platinum at some point, but I had this, Oh, I’ll try it someday approach. But I guess today is that someday," she added.

We wonder what husband Adam Brody thinks of this? It's like getting to romance a whole new woman!