BP should have flown out his lady love!

The U2 concert at The Forum in LA last night brought out all the big names, including Brad Pitt and Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher. The Oscar winner caught the show solo, so we're guessing his new professor girlfriend Neri Oxman was too busy with work back at MIT to join him.

Angelina's ex is apparently head over heels for the beautiful brunette, and doing whatever he can to make their bicoastal romance work.

"They continue to talk on the phone several times a day and are very infatuated with each other. Their busy schedules are going to be a huge challenge because Neri isn’t going to give up her life in Cambridge or her job at MIT for anyone, even Brad Pitt," a source dished to Us Weekly.

"They are going to have fun and see where it goes. Neri is extremely uncomfortable with all of the media attention and feels that her personal life has now come under a microscope. Brad feels badly about this of course, but he is powerless to stop it," the source added.

As for Angie, well... she's none too pleased about the relationship, and his camp believes that's why she's dragging her feet signing off on the divorce.

Brad does have a noticeable glow these days!