We love celebrities that actually talk to us!

We caught up with YouTube sensation Logan Paul and his girlfriend Chloe Bennett as they strolled through Beverly Hills yesterday, and he dished to us about everything from his upcoming paid fight with KSI, to his feelings on Justin Bieber's engagement and LeBron James' move to the Lakers. The convo was all over the place!

This is the first time the couple have publicly confirmed their relationship, but it's pretty clear they're smitten! When we asked him if he was going to follow The Biebs' lead, though, and get engaged, he got uncharacteristically bashful!

A fan asked his lady love on Twitter why she'd be with him, considering he's known to be a huge jack ass, and she didn't hold back with her explanation.

"Cause he’s kind, creative, funny, vibrantly curious about life, weird as fuck in all the best ways, a big dork, and he’s one of my best friends. It doesn’t make sense to a lot of people, but it doesn’t have too. He’s changed my life for the better and I’ve done the same for him," she wrote.

Perhaps he's turned over a new leaf and isn't quite such an obnoxious punk these days?