They can't be on that bad of terms if Kenny is letting her dad drive her whip!

Caitlyn Jenner headed over to the Rolls Royce dealership to do some car shopping yesterday, and she was behind the wheel of daughter Kendall's vintage blue Corvette. Given her driving history, we're not sure we'd hand her the keys, but we guess the supermodel has confidence in her abilities.

The transgender reality star is usually with constant companion/girlfriend Sophia Hutchins, but for this outing she was rolling solo. Perhaps the I Am Cait star is growing tired of footing the bill for her much younger lover?

According to a new report, the Olympian is splashing out the cash to get Sophia to stick around.

"Sophia is using Caitlyn’s cash to deck out her wardrobe with designer clothes and get her hair and nails done every week. This is costing Caitlyn at least $50,000 each week but she thinks nothing of this weird arrangement. She’s desperate for Sophia to stick around and this is her way of sealing the deal," a source dished to Radar.

Let's hope she has a money manager!