We certainly wouldn't be too thrilled!

Kendall Jenner couldn't keep her hands off BFF Cara Delevingne after the Off-White show at Paris Fashion Week today, and this is the happiest we've practically ever seen the supermodel! We know she SWEARS she's not into the ladies, but we've never seen her be this affectionate with anybody... just sayin'!

Too bad the British stunner isn't single!

Her rumored girlfriend Ashley Benson accompanied her to France, and we spotted the couple making their way out of the Balmain show together earlier in the day.

Everyone caught wind of their romance when the Pretty Little Liars star commented "Mine" on one of Cara's Instagrams, but then she downplayed their relationship by claiming that a hacker got ahold of her account. Why hide it?

Kenny, for her part, is back on the market after breaking up with NBA star Ben Simmons. That said, she has been secretly sucking face with Gigi and Bella Hadid's brother Anwar lately, so she never rolls solo for long.

We'd just die of intrigue if this turned into a love triangle!