Caitlyn Jenner sexed it up in a low cut minidress and boots for a date at Nobu with girlfriend Sophia Hutchins, and we couldn't help but stare right at her cleavage!

These two are literally inseparable, but the young co-ed recently said that she wouldn't describe their relationship as "romantic." What?

"I wouldn’t describe it as a romantic relationship. I would describe our relationship as we’re partners, we’re business partners. We have so much in common; we see the world so similarly and we both are such a good match for each because we challenge each other,” she added. “She challenges me in so many ways, has allowed me to grow in so many ways and I hope I challenge her to grow and I think because we share so many of the same passions and views, it’s just a great match, a great partnership," she confessed on the The Hidden Truth with Jim Breslo podcast.

Maybe Cait is hoping this outfit takes things to the next level?