Chris Pratt isn't bending in his dedication to Zoe church, despite actress Ellen Page's recent criticism of the Lego Movie 2 actor worshiping at a church she claims is anti-LGBT.

Pratt and fiancee Katherine Schwarzenegger brought along his son Jack to the celeb-studded church, which is a sister church of the A-listers favorite, Hillsong. In fact, it's their faith that Chris and Kate point to as having brought them together. And it's Chris' religious devotion that gave hims a six-pack, too!

The actor recently told Stephen Colbert that he followed the "Daniel Diet," also subscribed to by the pastor at his church, that requires dieters not to eat anything other than vegetables or to drink anything other than water for 21 days -- a kind of fasting prescribed in the Book of Daniel. It sure worked! Pratt, 39, looks better than ever, which may have also helped him snag the much-younger Schwarzenegger, 29. Hey, whatever works!