After attending the launch party for YouTuber Justin Roberts' new music video for the single "Way Too Much For Me," we finally get to see Jordyn Woods' staring role in this masterpiece!

Kylie Jenner's former BFF and now persona non grata with the Kardashians, Woods stars as a life-size doll in the highly-accomplished singer's new clip. Jordyn co-stars with fellow Insta-model Sofia Jamora and Roberts chooses to rescue Jamora instead of Woods, from her doll packaging in the toy factory where the video takes place. So yeah, it's deep -- a real work of art!

This has got us wondering if Jordyn plans on heading to Team 10 to try to reinvent herself as a YouTuber? Hey -- might be a smart move on the part of Team 10 leader Jake Paul, who made the savvy decision to include Woods in Roberts' video. He may look big, blonde and dumb, but he kinda actually knows what he's doing!