Jordyn Woods is stepping out on her own and kissing the Kardashians goodbye (because she has no choice)!

The eyelash maven hit the red carpet for YouTuber Justin Roberts' music video premiere party for the single "Way Too Much" -- Why? Because Jordyn's in the video! Why? We don't know!

Roberts is part of Jake Paul's Team 10 which means part of his M.O. is to make RIDICULOUS music video in which he pretends to be a rapper. But hey, we're sure he really was "iced out when he was four," right? Speaking of four-year-olds, Mini Jake Paul (yes, he's a thing), Tydus Talbott, went to Peppermint Club last night with his mentor for the big blowout. Because of COURSE a four-year old should be hanging at a Hollywood nightclub!

Here's the weird thing ... premiere party was last night and now Justin Roberts has got us all on the edge of our seats anticipating this music video featuring Jordyn Woods and ... it's nowhere to be found on YouTube! Dude -- Premiere Party 101: if you host a premiere party, you've gotta actually release the video thereafter.

In the meantime, watch one of Roberts' oldies but goodies (kidding). This sh*t will CRACK YOU UP and make you wonder how American culture will survive the YouTube era ...