Kendall Jenner may be showing her hand, posting a video of herself kissing BFF Bella Hadid in a birthday tribute!

Fans have long speculated Kenny may be gay or swing both ways and we say ... you GO, girl! Jenner continues to tease us, taking Fai Khadra as her "date but we don't date" to Justin and Hailey Bieber's wedding. And then she posts this clip, which also appears in Travis Scott's documentary Look Mom: I Can Fly. In the clip, Kendall straddles Bella and as friends cheer on the pair, Kenny lays a wet one on Hadid's lips and then Bella falls back laughing.

Meanwhile, Bella enjoyed a subdued 23rd birthday celebration Wednesday night with her family and friends at Color Me Mine pottery painting studio in New York. Apparently mom Yolanda threw parties at the studio every year for the supermodel when she was a tyke and Bella's carrying on the tradition -- so cute! In attendance were her mom, sis Gigi, brother Anwar and his girlfriend Dua Lipa. Fun!