The word can't get enough of YouTube Emma Chamberlain and, as the new issue of Cosmopolitan points out, if you don't know who she is -- parents included -- you've been living under a rock.

We caught up with the 18-year-old social media influencer (don't call her that) extraordinaire at The Grove outdoor mall the other day -- in her usual leggings and crop top with a pal -- and witness fans literally RUNNING after her, her being SUPER sweet to them, and also one other VERY IMPORTANT thing that happened when the cameraman asked her a questions about a rumored beau ...

Our guy asked if she spent New Year's Eve with "Anthony" and Emma answered by asking who he was talking about. Our camera guy said there are rumors she's dating a guy called Anthony Hall. Frankly, we can't find any reference to this rumor anywhere, BUT Emma went SILENT when he said the guy's full name. Is this true? Is this made up? Did we just start a rumor ourselves? Or is Emma's silence telling?

Well, enough of that ... Ms. Chamberlain is covering Cosmo this much and girlfriend gives a DAMN GOOD interview. She's open, honest, real -- all the characteristics her fans love about her -- and we just can't express how excited we are that the mainstream media is (finally) taking notice!