Justin Bieber is gearing up to officially begin his much anticipated 2020 tour following the release of his latest single, Yummy. Justin was accompanied by wife Hailey Baldwin as the duo met up with manager Scooter Braun for a meeting in Santa Monica. It looks like tour planning is officially underway!

Justin was dressed comfy in an oversized white long sleeve shirt and baggy jeans while Hailey was totally dressed to kill in her Alexander Wang overcoat, black PVC pants paired with platform boots, and a super chic Saint Laurent purse.

Earlier in the day, we spotted Bieber at the clinic for his almost-daily IV drip. He's there so often it's hard to imagine he's not on a first-name basis with every staff member ... and in fact, he might be. The pop superstar is seen swapping numbers with a clinic employee before heading in for another IV drip treatment.