Justin's dropping a new music video from his fresh album Changes every Monday and Wednesday and the clip for his single "Habitual" was released yesterday and it's FIRE!!!

Bieber thanked the "dance community" on Instagram for this crazy amazing video that showcases the hottest moves we've seen in a while. In fact, it gave us an idea ... with some of the modern moves going on, it made us think of JB's wife Hailey's background as a ballet dancer and we think SHE coulda starred in this! Imagine Hailey in a pas de deux, throwing down some of this choreo, getting her developpe on! Let's start a petition! Hailey in Justin's next music video!!!

Meanwhile, in case you missed it over the weekend, Hailey showed off her amazing abs in this Alexander Wang crewneck, tucked under to expose her amazing stomach. All those years of ballet paid off!