If you haven't heard of Jack Dorsey, you will now ... in case founding Twitter and Square wasn't enough to put him on your radar, donating ONE BILLION DOLLARS to fight Coronavirus should be. That's 28% of the dude's wealth -- which says a lot ... that he's rich and that he's pretty generous.

According to a New York Times article, Dorsey will put funds "in the form of shares in his mobile payments company Square, into a limited liability company that he had created, called Start Small. Start Small would make grants to beneficiaries, he said, with the expenditures to be recorded in a publicly accessible Google document."

“Why now? The needs are increasingly urgent, and I want to see the impact in my lifetime,” Dorsey Tweeted. “I hope this inspires others to do something similar.”

Speaking of doing similar, the Hilton Foundation announced Wednesday, it would donate $10 million toward Covid-19 relief efforts. The non-profit, started by Paris and Nicky's great-grandfather Conrad, the legendary hotelier, will give funding to the homeless in LA and to efforts to fight the disease in Africa: "about half will go toward protecting the homeless population in Los Angeles, with the other half focused on helping African countries prepare for a pending outbreak," a statement read.

In LA, Brilliant Corners is receiving $2,250,000 in support of a partnership with the Los Angeles County Department of Health Services. California Community Foundation is receiving $500,000 and funding will be used to immediately purchase essential supplies and cover expenses at six of LA County’s federally qualified health clinics, which have a special designation to serve clients who are unhoused. And United Way of Greater Los Angeles will receive $2,250,000 for its Pandemic Relief Fund.