This is too cute for words! Kylie Jenner took on the patience challenge with her daughter Stormi and shared the adorable video with her fans! Mama Kylie places a tempting bowl of candy in front of the tot and then tells her she has to wait until "mommy gets back from the bathroom" before she can eat any of it.

The cuteness that ensues is astounding -- an impatient, but patient enough Stormi claps her legs and bounces in her seat, excited and full of anticipation. And she's rewarded when mommy returns.

Kylie posted a snap of her daughter wrapped in a towel after a bath and called the tyke, "the greatest thing I've ever done."

Meanwhile, baby daddy Travis Scott shared some romantic snaps with Kylie from Mother's Day when he apparently feted his accomplished baby mama. He shared a snap from the "former" couple's 2017 trip to London in which he's nuzzling Ky's neck. He also posted to his Instagram story the same flowers Kylie shared with fans, suggesting it's Trav who gifted them. Some reports claim the two have been quarantining together. So are Kylie and Travis back ON or what?!