A source tells X17online exclusively that instead of preparing for her early-morning court date, Lindsay Lohan spent the night with Balthazar Getty!

After returning to her alcohol classes at Right On Programs yesterday afternoon, it would seem prudent for Lindsay Lohan to call it an early night so she can be fresh and ready to answer charges that she's violated the terms of her DUI sentencing in a Beverly Hills courtroom this morning, but Lindsay being Lindsay, she instead decided to head out to new Hollywood hotspot Voyeur last night.

Says our spy, "I was shocked to see Lindsay out at the club last night since I knew she had to be in court this morning. But I was even more shocked to see her sneaking out of the back door with Sienna Miller's ex, Balthazar Getty!"

Lilo was due in court at 8:30, but has still yet to arrive. Perhaps she's still tangled up in Balty's sheets and just can't break free!