Angelina Jolie is ready for battle!

The Oscar winner is planning on fighting estranged husband Brad Pitt in court for the custody of their six kids, reports TMZ. The site claims that the superstar has said that "until he gets his s**t together" she only wants Brad to continue to have monitored visitation -- and not joint custody.

On Friday, Brad filed legal docs, asking for joint custody of their children. However, sources close to Angelina say that she still wants primary physical custody and only wants Brad to have supervised visits at this point -- and she's ready to fight in court for this.

Currently, Brad has monitored visitation while the L.A. County Dept. of Children and Family Services investigates the confrontation between Brad and Maddox. The FBI is also investigating the incident. In addition, DCFS is looking more generally at the family.

The gossip site also claims that Angelina ultimately wants the the family to be repaired so she and Brad can have a "normal" parenting regime, but until she believes that the A-lister gotten his act together -- she wants sole custody. The Salt star allegedly thinks that Brad needs to address his substance abuse and anger issues.

For two pretty people, this war is getting pretty ugly!