Of course Kim Kardashian went over the top for her THIRD baby shower -- for a baby she herself isn't giving birth to, but is via surrogate. She still needs a stroller and onsies, people!

Kim gathered with her eyebrow maestro Anastasia, her sis Khloe, pal Chrissy Teigen and many more friends and family members for a pink-themed baby shower at her Bel Air home on Saturday. Her decorator had trees cut from her yard (hey, she and Kanye have already sold the home anyway, may as well chop down some of the trees!), had tens of thousands of fake cherry blossoms attached to them and then surrounded them with white roses. Those were placed on stands in Kim and Kanye's grand entrance hall where the couple held a luncheon to outdo all other luncheons.

Khloe was there in her pretty Self Portrait lace dress looking NOT PREGNANT AT ALL. What if she's not, y'all?

Clearly Kim used this as a promotional opportunity, too -- giving guests some goodies from her KKW Fragrance line as party favors (see the Snapchat video below).

Meanwhile Nori loafed around her mega-mansion in fur slippers, probably thinking about how horrible it's going to be to have to share her parents' attention with a new baby in a couple months. Saint was MIA. And Kanye was MIA! BTW, did you guys see the cover of Life & Style this week? They claim Kim and Kanye are getting DIVORCED! Discuss amongst yourselves ...

Baby Shower # 3 🍼 🎊 #kimkardashian

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