Remember THIS?!

Now champion boxer Oscar de la Hoya says he's "seriously" considering running for the office of President of the United States!

Hey -- at least his skeletons are out of the closet! The boxing champ told a group of reporters, "If Arnold [Schwarzenegger] can be governor, if [Donald] Trump can be president, then why can't a Mexican-American who won an Olympic gold medal, who's over 35, and a U.S. citizen, run for presidency?"

He went on to say, "As I got older, I get wiser. And as I get wiser, I get smarter. And as I get smarter, I start to realize the millions and millions of people who've told me, 'Oscar, why don't you run for some kind of office? Because you can make a difference.'"

Okaaaay ... well, we were hoping our next candidate might have a little more political experience under her belt and maybe fewer loose screws but between de la Hoya, Kanye and The Rock, it looks like 2020's gonna be a doozy!

And we're all about straight guys dressing in lingerie, but just for fun, let's revisit Oscar's turn as a sexy lady back in 2007. He might get the drag vote -- but who are we kidding? Queens wouldn't vote for this dude!